Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicago Half Marathon

In 11 short weeks, I'll be leaving on a jet plane for the windy city by myself to run and run and run.

I registered to run my second half marathon race in Chicago because the view of the race course is breath taking.  Who wouldn't want to run up and down Lake Shore Drive in the fall? 

I signed up because post my initial half marathon last month, I needed a new goal.  I yearned to keep pushing myself and maybe to actually shoot for a personal record.

But picking Chicago was a no brainer on many levels.  I went to undergrad in a tiny town north of the city and have fond memories of discovering me in a private, liberal arts school surrounded by people who literally changed my life.

So, the fact that I'll be doing the trip solo is a good thing.  I'm looking forward to connecting with friends of old and seeing what it feels like to be a 37-year old woman traversing this part of her life...reaching, searching, seeking, owning her identity.

So, on my not-so-hot run this morning (I'm still learning to cope with those), I cranked up my iPod and dreamed of running for life, running for change, running for hope, and running for me.  Here's to all that the Windy City will bring.

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