Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reclaiming Me in My 30's

God, it's hard to be here.

Eighteen months ago, I was in the best shape of my life.  Push-ups, burpies, mountain climbers, running, ab work...I could do it, and felt good in the process (well, as good as anyone can feel sweating their arse off).

And now, post the birth of my third child and her year marker, I am rebuilding all over again.

I find it intriguing that everywhere I turn, I find women my age, in their 30's committing to marathons, triatholons, adventure races, and cycling.  It's inspiring...but begs the question, why now?  Why not in our 20's when our bodies could bounce back 10-times faster and we had a lot more disposable time/energy before the demands of children?

After pondering this conundrum (while soaking in the tub and downing massive quantities of ibuprofren)...I've decided it's because, we don't give a shit what the world says...we're ready to reclaim ourselves and to own a corner of some part of the world....primarily, our fitness.  We want to see that we can achieve the unattainable and reconnect our souls to our bodies. 

My 20's were fraught with wondering what I should do...professionally and personally....taking cues from failed relationships, jobs that weren't satisfying and magazine ads.  So it's no wonder that after birthing 3 babies in my 30's...I am ready to recapture me....the authentic me.

So to that end, I will carve out my training schedule for the half marathon, huff and puff through my cardio conditioning classes, and trust that there is a light at the end of the path.  Anyone up for spinning?

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