Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Circle of Life

Last night, he reminded me of my babies.

My mom had to show him how to suck through a straw.  He was easily alarmed.  Confused.  Tired of being poked, prodded, and jostled.

Really, he just wanted you to hold his hand.  Not even talk.  Just breathe with him and provide a sense of safety and warmth. Just like my babies.

Watching the circle of life come to completion for my grandfather reminds me that when my children were born, they were wholly dependent upon us.  They couldn't feed, clothe, expel, or care for themselves without another.  And, subsequently they had to trust us to love them unconditionally, even when as caregivers, we were exhausted, frustrated or stretched too thinly.

This is the place that we find my grandfather...completely reliant upon us...which is as it should be.

I'm learning that there is no other reason that we are placed on this earth other than to love in big and in small ways.  Our purpose is not to amass the is simply to give of ourselves unconditionally to another.  And when we do so, especially when we're afraid or we think we're too busy, we are blessed ten-fold.

As human beings, we were created to love.  We respond well to it both in birth and in death.  That's all...just love.

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