Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a Day...

Do you ever have one of those mornings when you're positive that the day is just going to suck?

I'm not talking about a little bit of a suck...I'm talking about you can't get over yourself, your attitude is dismal, your outlook is bleak, your pissed at the world, and more than anything you just want to scream.

Yep, that's how I spent most of my Sunday.  Instead of basking in the beautiful autumn weekend day, I stomped around pissed at the world. Angry that my house is always a mess...angry that my kids were terrorizing each other...angry that I can never seem to make progress on my "special" projects...angry that I always have too much on my plate...angry that I still have to many handles on my hips...and angry just for the sake of being angry.

And then I did it.  While my husband was winterizing the back yard, the kids were having it out in the tree house and the baby was sleeping in her crib...I went down into the basement and screamed my damn brains out.  It was frightening.  It was freeing.  It was soothing.  It hurt and felt good all at the same time.

And the house is still messy, the projects are still on the to-do list, the kids are still pestering each other...but all of the sudden, for a brief moment, I didn't give a shit.

Scream.  I dare you. It works wonders.



  1. I love your blog Kelly, and your honesty. I feel like screaming some days too.

  2. Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes, I feel like the posts sounds like broken records. So, it's nice to hear that you can relate. From one mama of three to another...we can do it!


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