Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy People are Maddeningly Interesting

Today, Maureen Dowd, Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times wrote a fascinating article on Steve Jobs soon-to-be released biography entitled "The Limits of Magical Thinking."  The piece explores the theory that Jobs was a brilliant lunatic who embraced a mild bipolar existence allowing him to create often at the expense of those closest to him.

Walter Isaacson, Jobs's biographer writes “Sometimes Jobs would be ecstatic, at other times he was depressed. There were Rasputin-like seductions followed by raging tirades. Everyone was either a hero or bozo."

I found Isaacson's description of Jobs intriguing.  I started thinking about all of the truly mesmorizing creatives that I've known in my members, my children, friends, co-workers, or ex loves.  Those that were/are amazing innovators were/are huge pains in the asses.  They see the world through a set of lenses that is intricate, delicate and often never enough.  They push me with their ideas....floor me with their expectations and frustrate me with their perfectionist ways.  And while, my tail feathers are often ruffled in their mind is ultimately awed and my soul stands in admiration.  I don't fancy myself a creative by any stretch...but I definitely know it when I see it.

My hope is that we can harvest, harness, and encourage the creativity that comes with this unbelievable talent.  Unfortunately, often our "results oriented" culture wants to squash it, especially in our children.  So, while it may be maddening, I hope that I can adopt Jobs' mindset...
and famous ad campaign for Apple, “Here’s to the crazy ones. ... They push the human race forward.”  

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