Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready for the End of Summer

Maybe it's because this week the temperature is in the 90's and the humidity is off the charts.

Maybe it's because I've secured all of the school supplies, the uniforms, and the lunch boxes.

Maybe it's because my 7 and 9-year olds have been fighting with each other like it's their job.

Maybe it's because we've gone to the children's museum, the zoo, the art museum, the library, the park, the pool...ridden our bikes, made sand castles, gone on treasure hunts, played at the splash pad, drank smoothies, hosted play dates, crafted popsicles, caught fireflies, harvested our garden, lit fireworks, made memories with friends and family, slept in, watched movies, and in general, done just about everything that summer has to offer. 

And maybe it's because I think we are indeed the last Catholic school to go back to school in our town.

So, today after running to Target for the umpteenth time, locating their favorite goodies for lunches to be made next week, getting the car gassed and washed...I lost it on the drive home.

"I said STOOOOPPPPP fighting with each other.  Don't you realize that you only have a few days left before you're going to be apart from each other in separate classrooms all day long and you won't get to play whenever you want?!!  And that our evenings will be consumed with homework, flag football, scouts, ballet and brownies?  Why do I always have to yell to get you to listen to me?  I am done.  Knock it off."

Just as the car went silent, my phone beeped.  I had a text from a friend who was nominating me to take part in the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-a terminal neuro degenerative disease ) Ice Bucket Challenge...a viral challenge where people dump a bucket of ice over their heads and donate money in support of finding a cure for the devestatingly horrible disease of ALS.  Please check out their to raise your awareness and learn how you can help.

And so, I told my children, "Hey...would you like a free opportunity to dump a bucket of ice water over my head?"  to which they flew into the kitchen, grabbed all the ice they could get and filled the bucket.  The problem was teaching my 7-year old how to video and to make sure that my 9-year old could lift the bucket.  They filled it to the brim. On our way out the door, the handle broke and sent a quarter of the water all over the floor, but there was still enough left to do the job.

Here's the footage...

In the end, they got their aggression out and I cooled off.  It was a win, win for all of us.  That said, I'm still ready for smores, sweaters, red, orange and yellow leaves and a little God blessed time to myself.

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