Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Chance Shit Encounter at Target

Admittedly, I was tired.

And spent and probably stretched a little thin.

And well, having it out with a random person in the check out line at Target is maybe not the most productive way to spend a morning,

But damn it.  When did people think that it was okay to get in your business?

"She's really cute.  She looks just like you."

"Aw, thank you.  She's our third and definitely the feistiest one of the bunch." Cue in Claire throwing shit from the cart onto the conveyor belt, including a dozen eggs.

"You stay home with them?"  She says dressed to the nines holding a box of tampons and a pack of gum.

"I do. Do you see any syrup or chocolate milk on me?  I usually can't escape the house without wearing some part of their meal."  I say laughing as the cashier greets me.

"No, you look like you just came back from the gym.  That must be nice to do that during the day."

Feeling a little put off, "Nope.  I head out at 5am for a run and get back before the cows come home. Just rarely get a chance to change."

" friend stays at home with hers.  I always tell her that it must be a sweet deal to not have to get out of your sweat pants and have permission to eat the kids' macaroni and cheese."  She retorts chuckling.'s fucking Disneyland.  Every. Minute.  God damn roller coaster ride of joy....I think and then blurt out, "That's funny.  I was just gonna compliment you on your shoes.  I was thinking of getting a pair similar to them, but then we sliced our income in half."

I have no idea why certain comments send me into a tail spin.  Whether you work outside of the home, inside, both, or not at all....the whole life deal with kids is a crazy ass roller coaster ride. 

When you're wearing a suit, you just want to wear yoga pants. And when you're wearing sweats, you yearn to dress up.  When you see your kids at the end of the day, you wish you could watch movies in your pjs and hang out all the time.  When you spend hour after hour with them, you just want a break.

The times I feel most put off are when I'm tired.  When I'm wiped.  And I should just know better.  Plus, if she's holding a box of tampons and expecting a visit...she probably should have known better too.


  1. Oh Kelly, you nailed it!! I say this as I've been up with my challenging child (by challenging, I mean, my youngest) since 3:30 this morning. My husband just walked in the door & asked if I'd like to help take the trash to the curb, since "you've had it easy today". Normally, he knows better. Tonight, he can sleep with the dog....

  2. Hi Friend! I'm so glad that you understand. I really should have done a better job of minding my manners. That said, it pissed me off =)

  3. Hey first love of my life,
    Had taken a vacation day today as you know but was shanghi by the snow and had to postponed our travels. Good thing though because I had a chance to catch up on all your blogs. This one is simply just one of the best! Boy do I remember too! BITCH! You buy those shoes darlin, life is just to dam short. Looking forward to coffee with you Saturday. Speaking of pissed off. Phil's & mine Lenton resolution really sucks. Is Chi-tea seriously considered a Starbucks coffee? Hail to the bean!

  4. Mom! You just crack me up. Hail to the bean is right! I'll call you after my long morning run and we'll get Chai =) xoxoxo


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