Friday, February 1, 2013

Hard to Love

"High Maintenance"

"A Short-Fuse"


"Focused to a Fault"

Anyone of the above words aptly describe me on any given day.  I've always been a bit set in my ways.  And when I decide that there's something I want, well, I want it now...come Hell or high water and there's not much room for error in between.

And so, it was with disdain but also a bit of clarity that I stumbled upon the following song and immediately added it to my running playlist.

Take a listen, if you're not familiar.

It's a tune called, "Hard to Love," by the country star, Lee Brice.  And it absolutely resonated with me for multiple reasons.

The first is that I've always known that I lucked out.  For those of you who don't know my husband, just look up 'Saint' in the dictionary and you'll find his name listed.  I cannot imagine anyone who would associate him with the words above this video.  You laugh...but seriously, the man is amazingly selfless.  When it comes to journeying through this life together, he's the partner that you want by your side. 

Funny as father...supportive of faith and in general, a truly stand up guy...he is the one that shows me that while I am hard to love, it's worth it.

The second reason that this song moved me is because I recognize that love...when it's truly unconditional at its very core.  It's not based on score keeping or who does a better job at fill in the task.  It's about choosing to be there for the other person especially when they're most undeserving.  It's making the choice to love even when they're taking you for granted every step of the way.

Finally, it opened up my eyes to the blessing of being loved not in spite of my short comings but rather because the entire package of "Kellyness" even the hard to love components make me who I am and why my husband chose me forever.

And so it reminds me that I'm grateful.  I'm blessed. I stand in awe and I seek to emulate that model of loving another over and over again.

Because God knows, I don't make it easy. 

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