Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Any Road'll Take You There

Recently, I read a quote by lead guitarist of the Beatles, George Harrison and it just clicked.

"If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there."

This is a mantra that we could all stand to heed.

Why?  Because if we're honest, we recognize that most days, we're just trying to do the best with what we've been given and where we find ourselves.

The challenge comes when we feel the itch to shift the trajectory of the future and we want something more, something different or something far less complicated than the station we're living in.

All of these realizations are a good thing.  Honing, refining, choosing actively to engage in life is what it's about.  The problem seems to be when we don't know where to leap next or how to make the shift....and we're left feeling stagnant, exhausted, withdrawn, depleted.

And so as George Harrison so aptly says, wherever you find yourself now is the right road and wherever you move next will get you to where you need to go.  The only clause should be...


You open your eyes.  Speak the truth.  Be honest with your desires.  Hold true to your principles.  And include the ones you love in your choices.

Life is for the living.  Nothing is permanent.  Everything is fixable.  There really are few mistakes. 

Just trust that in this moment, your feet are planted firmly on this part of the path, until your heart and your truth tells you that it's time to turn.

You'll know when.

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