Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Crazy Big Idea

Each morning this week, I've woke up wanting to curl up and go back to bed.

4:30am comes too early when it's dark outside, it's cold, and flannel sheets are taunting me like sirens with their melodies of warmth and peace.

But alas, I get up.  I turn on the coffee pot.  Eat a banana.  Put on my shoes and go.


I thought I would be sick of it by now.  It's been almost a year since I've taken it up and with most new ventures in my life, I get bored easily.

But interestingly, beyond the physical benefits of weight loss, the greater energy reserves, and the discovery of my belly button again...I've located parts of me that were, well, lost.

I'm not sure that until I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone for an extended period of time that I appreciated what I was capable of.  In fact as I look back over the last 10 months, I'm aware of more fear than I care to admit.  More insecurity.  More trepidation.

And the truth is life is just too short.  It just is.

We fall down thinking that there is always tomorrow or another chance.  Many times there is, but sometimes there's not.

We're never 100% prepared for any given situation and if we wait to do what our heart is calling us to try, but scared to attempt, the only fact is that we'll never know how amazing or horrifying that it could be.

Running has taught me to take risks.  They may be calculated.  But they're a far cry from thinking about it and never doing anything with it because it's a crazy idea.

If we all took our one crazy idea and shared it with the world...we might just be a happier, funnier, healthier group of people.

What's your crazy deal?  What makes you all giddy inside just giving it ten seconds of thought?  If money was no object, what would you be doing?  Where does your passion reside?  What's holding you back?

And if you knew that your days were limited, what crazy, big, beautiful, bold, YOU idea would you bring to the world?

Come on...I'm dying to know.  We all are.

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