Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Few Things I Covet

Okay, I know that it's not healthy or productive to covet...but I'm human, so below are a few things I wish were mine.
  • The ability to read labels in the grocery store.  You know those people who actually pick up an item and examine its contents determining whether nutritionally or financially it makes sense to purchase.  My grocery outings with 1, 2, or 3 children typically involve throwing items as quickly as possible into the cart and repeating, "No thank you" to anyone of my children as they negotiate why "Fruity Sugar Laden fill in the blank" item should be included.
  • Women who wear running apparel in their off time and look good doing it.  You know who these people are.  You may be one of them.  I'm talking about women who look like they've just come back from a hard run/workout and quickly pulled their hair back and still have rosy cheeks.  As opposed to me post a workout dawning sweat stained pits accompanied by a nice inner thigh/outer bum ring of sweat...it's really attractive, I'm sure.
  • Time.  Essentially, I covet people who make time to do the things that help us all to maintain sanity.  I stand in awe of people who regularly wake up at the crack of dawn to run, walk, do bikram yoga, pray, mow the lawn, stretch...hell, even to have a cup of coffee.  I did this for almost two years post the birth of my second and it nearly broke me.  But, I'm desperate to do it again.  Because, well, time for me never seems to find it's way during the day.
  • The ability to not give a shit.  My good friend, JM, is continuously reminding me that true happiness comes from not caring about what others think, say, perceive, or suggest that we should do with our lives.  True peace comes from just going with your gut and not apologizing for it.  
  • Oh, and the Honda Pilot.  I covet the Pilot. 
That's it for now, I'm sure that I covet many other "things"....but on this Tuesday, I think that the above are pretty cool.  


  1. the honda pilot has no cargo room when the third row is up. we will either need to switch back to a minivan (Sienna has awd) or get a roof top carrier. It is a great car otherwise though.

    And I covet time too. Oh I so covet time to myself.

  2. Oh Kelly...now, I feel much better about coveting less =) But, I still think that the Pilot is pretty cool.

  3. I find the post work out glamour to be suspect. I have a friend who pulls this off so well... that she can even go on a date directly after hot yoga! I have a feeling she spends a bit too much time in the locker room making it look effortless. I don't trust anyone who just walks around like that!

    And if I may help quell your envy... free time isn't as relaxing as it sounds. Excessive free time is just wasted time that doesn't make you feel relaxed or recharged. Maybe if you have a full life, those nuggets of free time are priceless - but when it's alone time on top of alone time it's kind of a bitter pill. Careful what you wish for.

    What I covet: Having someone to come home to or make a meal for. Waking up seeing someone who loves and truly cares about me on the next pillow.

  4. I think of your "women in workout gear" covet, and wish that you would've run into me this morning around 10am-ish. After my run, I was a hot mess and had to go right home to shower. I wouldn't have gone to the drycleaners looking that bad!


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