Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Year of Preschool for the Gerings

I can't believe it, but here you are...

ready and jumping for joy for the first day of your last year of preschool!

And I do literally mean jumping and fist pumping and screaming and squealing and running and thrilled beyond belief that you like your big brother and sister have your very own classroom filled with friends and opportunity.

And here we are...
And here's daddy...

We both felt a little sad and more than hopeful that your new year would bring exactly what you wanted...FUN and LOVE!

So before you got situated to greet your new classmates and spend time with your teachers, I gave you your blessing:

May God bless your mind so you can learn
Your ears to be a good listener
Your mouth to speak kind words
And your heart to feel love.

As you embark upon this final year of preschool, I'm praying that we can both be great explorers seeking out curiosity especially in the face of fear knowing that we'll have each other at the end of the day to share our journeys with.

Love to you (with a double fist pump), Claire Bear...xoxo

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