Sunday, July 5, 2015


Holy Mary Mother of God...this has been one Hell of a week....

I don't know what possessed us, but here's what we decided to do...paint the exterior of our home, refinance at some insanely low interest rate, say yes to facilitating a 2-hour conflict resolution presentation to graduate students, welcome my mother-in-law for an 8-day stay and usher in Kate's 8th golden birthday complete with a paint/build your own sundae birthday party...oh and also celebrate Independence Day in the mix.

So here's what happened, I assumed that in a refinance, the appraiser assesses the outside of your home like a tax no.  Silly me.  They assess every fucking nook and cranny.  And so, all of those little things that have been put off...well, we had to attend to them with lightening speed. And have I mentioned that I don't handle stress well?

Simultaneously, I was trying to prepare an interactive lecture on having difficult conversations to 60 physical therapy graduate students and realized that I am the least qualified to do, what the fuck is Power Point?  I promptly forgot this shit after I left the corporate world and now, condensing my thoughts to slides, well, we'll see how it goes, I deliver it in a few days....secondly, I have been yelling at my husband and my children like it's my job, so maybe teaching conflict resolution is a bit hypocritical at this juncture in the game.

My sweet soon-to-be 8-year old daughter has decided that she wants her girlfriends to paint humming birds on canvases which require adults to trace at least a pseudo outline first and then, pray that everyone loves to be as crazy creative as she does.

And, then there's the gift of my mother-in-law...truly every day and twice on Tuesday, God bless her.  She's schlepped to the zoo, the park, Lowe's, the Fourth of July bike parade, Target, you name it...she's done it...all with a smile on her face.

So for tonight, I say, kaput.  No more.  Game over.  I've left it all on the field.  No more to give.  Praying the appraiser dude is nice and that he likes coffee and that the presentation goes well and that they don't start throwing tomatoes.  And that Kate's birthday party is a hoot with lots of laughs.  And that in the end, I look back at this week and say that the elbow grease was worth it...because it sure has been a shit storm of craziness along the way.

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