Friday, December 12, 2014

Three Generations of Love

"Mama, did you know that people were born in the 1900's?," exclaimed Kate while she was clearing the table and I was washing the dishes.

That's just crazy talk.  People like papa and Grandma Kathy and me were born in the 1900's.  We're as old as the dinosaurs, right?

"That's why you're so good at washing the pots because you used to have to wash the dishes when you were a little girl.  They didn't have dishwashers back then, right?"

Um, well.  We did...

"And iPhones and iPads and Skylanders...they didn't have those either, did they?"

It was definitely a different...

"Oh my goodness and American Girl dolls, you never had one, did you?"

No, we had Cabbage Patch...

"Waaaiiiitttt a minute, hold the phone, you didn't have mint chocolate chip ice cream, did you?"

They were hard times.  Really, really tough.  We only had one telephone and it had a long cord like the hair dryer and came out of the wall and we had to share it with everyone else in the house.  Grandma Kathy made me wash the dishes until my hands bled and then, I had to scrub the floors and use a wash cloth, there were no Clorox wet wipes back then, AND...I never had a computer in my house until college and even then, there was no email or wait for it, wait for it...Facetime.  We couldn't Skype with anyone.  It was a deeply trying time.  I'm really unsure how I survived it.  And, there was no Gogurt.  But here's the cool thing..we did have My Little Ponies, praise God, otherwise, I just don't know.

When I shared this story with my mom, she couldn't stop laughing.  There's nothing worse than when your kids make you feel old, she said.  It takes you back to a time when according to the remember-er everything was so much simpler and sweeter.  Unless you're the new generation and then, well, you can't even possibly imagine...all of it, archaic and boring.

So, it was with delight that we took this snap shot of my mother, my two daughters and me.

Because someday, I want Kate and Claire to know that they were in the presence of two women who actually lived in the 1900's....three generations of love.

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