Monday, July 1, 2013

Today, We'll be the Parents

On the drive home from the pool this afternoon, the kids were drinking juice boxes and giggling.

Out of nowhere, Kate (5) matter of factly piped up from the back seat with, "I think we're going to be the parents today and you guys get to be the kids."

Laughing hysterically, I nearly snorted my iced coffee out of my nose and replied, "Beautiful!  Tell me what you're most excited about being the parents."

"Well, we're gonna make you do what we want.  So, you get to take out the trash, vacuum, clean our room, and you have to go to bed when we say like at seven o'clock," retorted Kate.

"And then, we get to stay up as late as we want and play the iPad or watch a movie and when we go to bed, we can close the door and yell, 'BULLS EYE!'" exclaimed Sam (8).

What in the Hell is that???? Bulls Eye??? I was scared to ask what that meant. So, I just burst out laughing and said, "You know what I'm most excited about? Having someone change my diapers."

To which the kids snorted apple juice and said, "That's gross, mama!"

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have to worry about making it to the bathroom, right?  Pretty sweet."

At the end of the car ride, we both decided that it was best to be in the roles that we inhabit, at least for today.

However, I have to say that I desperately miss being a kid...having forced nap time, an entire day to do nothing except go where the wind takes, if they made spiked juice boxes, I might consider time travel.

Until then, I guess I'll stick with being the mama and wiping my own behind.

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