Monday, November 5, 2012

Traveling Up...Together

Look down. 

Nose to the grind stone. 

Focus on the cracks.

Study the leaves.  the sticks.  the grass.

Hear the music reverberate.

This is doable.  It doesn't matter if you haven't been here before.

You'll come back again.

And again.  and again.

Your ass is supposed to burn.

Your eyes are too. 

And the palms of your hands and the insides of your ears.

Sweat is telling.

Listen to it.

It's your heart.

It's got this.  along with your head.  and your soul.

Almost there.

Apex in sight.

Control it.

Release the fear.  You are not alone.

I am here.

Look up and out.

It's you and me at the top.

Of the hill., for the descent.

You've earned it.

Push down....for the up...

is on it's way.

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