Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moments of Anticipation

You know how you feel when you really,

I mean, really want something.  Not just a little bit...but a lot. 

You get antsy, itchy, heart racing excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful, doubtful, and ultimately, the pit of your stomach starts to grind as you pray, beg, bargain, negotiate your way toward the prize.

I've felt this way a handful of times throughout my life.  And when I start to sweat, can't sleep, get fixated, assess the odds, and rationalize my case...that's when I know....that I really, really want it.

I'm feeling it for a couple of opportunities in my life.

And I'm aware that it could go either way.

But what I'm extraordinarily grateful for is the gift of the feeling...the crazy blood flow, the sweaty palms, the hope beyond hope, the journey toward the outcome.

And that's why I run mentally and have an outlet for all of these moments of anticipation.

They let me know that I am indeed 100% alive.  There's nothing better.

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