Saturday, September 24, 2011

Channeling My Inner Twinkle Toes

So, I think I mentioned in a previous post, that I recently started an adult ballet class. 

That's right, every Saturday morning, I dawn a leotard and pretty pink ballet shoes.  It's me, a 74-year old woman, two men, a half a dozen women in their 30's and 40's, and one girl who is clearly the bell of the ball.  She knows her stuff.  Oh, and the instructor who is eight and a half months pregnant.  That's right.  She is ready to pop and amazing on her feet.  It's truly inspiring.

So what in the world would possess me to go so far outside of my comfort zone?  I mean really?  I'm not completely a novice.  I took ballet very briefly as a little girl. However, my one claim to fame at the Orpheum Theater landed me in a shuffle, ball change, facing the back of the all of the other ballerinas bowed to the front for the grand finale.  It was more than a little embarrassing.  So, let's just say, I don't have natural ability or talent.

But the deal is, I really love it.  It's one hour.  Just for me.  Away from the kids and the noise and the laundry and the dishes and the needs.  A woman plays beautiful music on the piano.  The instructor teaches us gorgeous french vocabulary words.  I get to sashay across the floor, attempt to point my toes and try not to get consumed with the figure that I see in the mirror.  Miraculously, it's a work out using muscles that I'm not sure I knew existed.  And, now I stand a little straighter, shoulders upright with a bit of whimsy in my step.

I'm not advocated that everyone should take ballet...but I do think you should try something way outside of your comfort zone.  You only live once, right?

When I told my four-year old daughter that I was nervous to go to class, she comforted me by saying, "You'll be great mama, just remember to point your toes!"  

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  1. Aww. Just remember to point your toes! Cute Kate!

    For me, it's running.
    If you recall... I've always said that I wouldn't run if someone were chasing me with a knife! My doctor even suggested that of course I would run... self preservation and all that. I replied, "No. I figure I could never outrun my attacker so I might as well save my strength to get help AFTER I'm stabbed! "

    Anywhoo - I noticed that a friend of mine completed C25K --- and I looked it up to find it stood for Couch to 5K -- training to go from 0 to 5k in nine weeks. I started in May - and found that ... I didn't hate it. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it and that was a HUGE revelation. As a kid I got an instant stitch in my side whenever I tried to run - and so I just didn't run.
    Now it's me, my inhaler, a C25K app on my phone along with Pandora... and I'm working up to 5K! (starting over... I got distracted this summer with family stuff)


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