Monday, February 8, 2016

Ode to Sam on Your 11th Birthday

Dear Sam,

I know I say this every year, but really, how in the world is it possible that you are 11-years old today?

I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall and when you stand next to me, the top of your head hits the bottom of my ear.  Majestic and strong with your bright blue eyes, dark black frames and most recently (although not pictured) super cool blue and green are no longer a boy, but instead a card-carrying deodorant wearing, face washing, size 14 jean wearing young man.

This year marks fifth grade and the advent of piano...which means that I spend many a morning listening to you bang out the theme from Star Wars, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park on the ivories.  And much to your chagrin, you're really good and I think (although I promise not to tell your friends) that you really like it.

When you're not filling the house with music, your nose can be found in a book reading or drawing.  You've read more about dragons, wizards, young boys, quests and far off lands and whether it's "The Hobbit or Harry Potter" my favorite part is that you're always rooting for the under dog.

I know I've told you this time and time before, but never stop being so unbelievably comfortable in your own's truly one of the best things you've got going on.  I adore that you're cool being on your own or engaging a friend or two and that you don't need the acceptance of the world...being liked is super over-rated when it comes to compromising who you are.

My second prayer is that as the years go on and you begin to question who you are and your place in the world that you remember where you came from and who loves you most.  You are a child of God...a beautiful, bright, head-strong, give it all you've got, absolute wonder...let no one try to convince you otherwise.  Your life has purpose and worth and you are destined for greatness.

As you grow into who you are by trying on lots of friendships, musical interests, literary forays, political beliefs, spiritual questions...I want you to know that I am here and while it's not the easiest to share your heart's stirrings with your mom, I promise you that I will always be a soft place to land.

I wish I could beg and plead for you to stop growing because man, it's hard to know that I now have less years with you at home than I've had in the past...but the truth is, you're an incredible gift that I'm so grateful to call my one and only son.

Here's to a year filled with lots of adventure, many moments of love and more amazing memories than you can imagine.

I love you, always...

xoxo, Mama

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