Monday, December 7, 2015

A Moment of Celebration

We're such good partyers.  The whole lot of us.

We get invited, most of the time, off the a room jammed full of people--that we either know tangentially or have approximately 2 minutes of common ground with--exploding with poor acoustics and loud music such that we're not really hearing what the other person is sharing, nor most of the time do we care--while simultaneously drowning ourselves in wine, beer or the like.

We want to be entertained--passively receiving stimuli that doesn't require intention, purpose or authentic connection.

The truth is that as a culture, we don't really know how to come together in community with anticipation for the gathering; to create space that accommodates real, raw connection that says, in this moment, above all others, I celebrate you and us and what we mean to each other.

Tonight, I got the rare opportunity to do so.

I've been meeting for one year with a hodgepodge of amazing misfits....women that have come together month over month with intention to bear witness, provide a safe space of encouragement, a container of strength and an indomitable communal spirit that says, I believe in you and what you intend for your life and the world.

In many respects, it has been both the most liberating and exhilarating part of my 2015.

Tonight, as we said goodbye in celebration, we were tasked with writing 2-3 minutes of what we know for sure post this whirlwind of a year.  And because, I am quite literally an open book with the hope of writing a book and staying viscerally connected to what my heart believes...this is what I wrote.

what i know for sure that deserves celebration...

i am a maker of words
a story teller
a bearer of truth
a woman that makes a difference in the world

raw, real, afraid
unsure, bold
a woman who has experienced hurt and sorrow but is not mired in shame

i am a mother of three
brash, bright, wild-eyed beauties
who i yearn everything for
and for whom I have given my everything

strong particularly when weak
rooted in those who have
come before
a bearer of hope and wisdom.

That's it.  We toasted each other, cried, hugged and left with the intent that we would all walk out the door sharing each other with the world--different, changed, grateful and hopeful for 2016.

As we embark upon a season of gathering, both voluntary and obligatory, my prayer is that our hearts can find moments of reflection and wonder as we pause to celebrate, intentionally with one other.  I have a feeling that the intention could change the entire encounter...which may be a celebration in and of itself.

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