Monday, August 17, 2015

Hell Yes to the Holy Yes

We meet once a month and it's sacred.

A small group of women committed to gathering formally for a year, with a specific guide, encountering different topics each session set to specific intentions that we've thrown to the universe.

It's been six months and we're halfway through.  How can that be?

Tonight was about recommitting to the "Hell Yes" portion of our intention in the "Holy Yes" sort of way.

You know how it goes...when you first get really excited about an idea, a hope, a way of really expressing your want to scream "Hell Yes" on a mountain top.  Pumped, jazzed, full of boundless energy to give birth to this part of your being, you declare it to the world and for a while everyone joins you...mostly consumed by your giddiness and love, they celebrate and cheer you on.

And then a month, two months, three pass and soon, your idea has been peddled to all of your closest loved ones, friends, neighbors and well, it's collecting dust and you're losing steam.  You're getting tired and wonder what the fuck were you even thinking in the first place. 

That's when you get quiet, really quiet with yourself and reflect.  You scream, you cry, you bargain, you beg and then you try living the old know the way you were before you declared your personal passion to the world and all of a sudden, the comforts of the old are not quite so comforting and you're anxious because you know that you can't go back...ever.  It's out there and no matter how much you push it, your soul is begging for it to be birthed in the world.

That's when you declare a "Holy Yes" personal proclamation with yourself...alone. You recommit.  You pick it all over again...but differently...this time it's for the long haul.  No matter if it ever garners additional support, popularity or belief.  You have faith.

It's the sacred, tiny moment when you know that you are the most important person who needs to own it and as long as you do, everything will work out, exactly as it should, when it should.

The beauty of being in the room tonight was bearing witness to the personal gifts that these women are sharing with each other and the world.  It's powerful. Palpable. A huge gift.  An enormous leap of bravery.

Whatever your idea, wherever your truth resides...break free and own it, all of it, even if it's largely a lonely place possibly for a really long time.  My hunch is, my hope is, my prayer is that it's worth it.

Hell Yes to the Holy Yes.

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