Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What You Tend to...Grows

Today, I'm mindful of the power of energy and where I place mine.

I'm aware that on any given day, I have a myriad of choices regarding the focus of my time and attention and sometimes, it's overwhelming.

What do I put into my body?  I know that my choice in fuel will either propel me forward into productivity and positivity or I'll spiral between caffeine/sugar and guilt that I've dipped again into the bag or box of processed fill in the blank craving.

What do I fill my head with?  Worry about the aging furnace...concern about the continued success of my jewelry business...fear about my haphazard marathon training.

What do I harbor in my heart?  Love mixed with pangs of frustration for time spent that didn't go the way I'd hoped. 

Entrenched in a podcast while scrubbing dishes, I was reminded yet again, that whatever we tend will grow.  If we nurture hope and faith, we'll find that our previously precarious circumstances seem more manageable.  If we garden belief and confidence in our capacity, soon, we discover that the things we thought we couldn't do are suddenly happening, despite our previous misconceptions.  If we harvest doubt and fear, we become fixated on all of the reasons why we cannot manifest the desires of our heart.  If we invest in anger and resentment, we learn that life is small, narrow, limited and painful.

So, what do we invest in?  Where do we give the best parts of our soul?  Who gets the benefit of our dreams and the parts of our being that sing the song that only we can deliver to the world?

These are tough questions for me.  Often, I feel that the people I love the most, get the least parts of the best me that I can offer.  I'm exhausted and irritable from giving my 'all' to obligations and I forget to tend to the relationships that matter most.

The truth is that what we tend will grow.  It just depends upon what you want.  More love?  More grace?  More hope?  More opportunity?  More regret?  More bitterness?  More fear?

The best part is that each day, particularly the ones with sunshine, give each of us a chance to till up what was, to plant fresh seeds and to start anew.  We just have to decide what we want to grow.

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