Friday, December 14, 2012

Ode to Claire on Her Second Birthday

Two years ago today, I met you face-to-face...which was a gift, because I'd been dreaming about you for years.

Post the birth of your brother, Sam and your sister, Kate, I had a feeling (call it mother's intuition) that our family was not yet complete.

In my heart, I believed that there was a little girl, by the name of Claire, just waiting to grace us with her extraordinary presence.

You scared the pants off of the doctor, when you emerged with the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck four times.  And in that moment, we knew that we were done for.

Gorgeous blonde hair, huge blue eyes, a petite little frame, and a smile that never stops, you are a definitive presence.  But beyond your beauty, it's truly your personality that makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Flinging yourself off of the dining room table, diving into swimming pools, stomping and moshing in dance parties galore, you love being alive and sharing your spirit with the world.

As the youngest of three, you've decided that keeping up with your older siblings is a must and so different than the others, you learned to pray first, get yourself dressed, sing songs, initiate potty training, and do spider man push-ups.  Really, you're quite good.

My prayer for you, my youngest child is that your eyes will remain as wide, hopeful, and optimistic as they are today.  May your fearlessness continue to transcend any doubt, limitation, or concern that you feel as you navigate the world.  And may you continue to know tangibly within your soul that you are loved, you are wanted, and you are supported by so many.

Happy, Happy Second Birthday, Claire Bear.  Here's to so many, many more!

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